Welcome to IITMS BCA/PGDCA College, Idar

BCA/PGDCA College, Idar was established by Uttar Sabarkantha Uchcha Kelavani Mandal Idar in year 2000 with the aim to serve the educational needs of the rural and developing area of north Sabarkantha. Our main objective is to provide society with competent men and women who have attributes of functional and social relevance, mental ability and physical dexterity, effectiveness and reliability and above all, the confidence and capability to communicate effectively and exercise initiative, innovation and experiments with new situations. The management of our college has a definite vision of achieving excellence in being an ideal educational institution, which is being materialized by the sincere efforts of all concerned stakeholders. Our college is engaged in the pious work of modeling the young people who are the builders of the nation.

The college was started with the noble aim of opening the doors of higher education to the rural youth to whom it was a distant dream...

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About Trust

President IITMS

Shree Pruthvirajbhai C. Patel


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

Warm greetings, an academy that strives to be the best compact boutique institution with a futuristic approach, encouraging student centric culture and sharpened focus on developing industry ready & employable students with all round development.

I am indeed delighted to share the overall advancement of the University during the last Five years, i.e., from the inception till date and the new plans that we have for making it grow further.

India has one of the largest, diverse, and dynamic education systems in the world. Privatization, widespread expansion, increased autonomy and introduction of new programmes in emerging areas have created immense opportunities to both the Institutions and Individual Learners.

IITMS - is one of such Institutions, established with the purpose of access and opportunity to higher educational pursuits of young aspiring eyes, full of curiosity, hopes and optimism

Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place.

Secretary IITMS

Shree Jitubhai M. Desai


Welcome to our BCA/PGDCA College website! Explore all of our excellent academic programs and special offerings; all of our exciting organizations and activities; and all of our fascinating students, faculty, and staff that make our College a great place to study, learn and develop into great and successful people. More importantly, come visit our beautiful campus to see for yourself in person what all of the "Hornet's Buzz" is about. You will be impressed! Come visit with all of our Family Members: students, alumni, board members, parents, professors, staff and donors. You will find that Morris College feels very much like Family.

Reflecting back and building on its glorious past, dating back to its beginning in 2000, IITMS BCA/PGDCA College today is an exciting modern campus for students to learn and develop professionally and personally. The College has a variety of majors and special programs that prepare students for successful careers in society. Also, we have an array of sports and student organizations available. Our faculty and staff are the best; they are caring and supportive.

Principal Desk

Inspiration and challenge

It is privilege to lead such an outstanding institution of higher learning.

In the present scenario there are a large number of institutions imparting higher education. But we recognize that in addition to our students’ academic pursuits, they lead full, rich lives and need our support and that it is more important to create a good human being acceptable to society. This idea had lead us to establish unique concepts of teaching and learning. Therefore we offer more than just a great learning experience which broadens horizons and challenges assumptions.

We continue to create and sustain intellectually challenging programs of academic study and to advance our commitment to provide a vibrant, diverse and supportive campus environment. Dedicated alumni and donors helped move forward four key projects that support these objectives . developing new student learning experiences made possible through the second year of Innovation in Teaching and Learning grants.

I encourage you to visit our campus and learn more about the opportunities available to you.

- Dr.Sudhirkumar J. Patel

Our Mission

The Holistic develoment of the rural youth of area.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in higher education through sincere efforts of all concerned stakeholders.

Our Goal

To provide society with competant men and women who have attributes of functional and social relavance, mental ability and physical dexterity, effectiveness and reliability, confidence and capacity to communicate effectively and capacity to excercise initiative, innovation and experiments with new situation.

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